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Welcome to Faithelement

Faithelement is a Bible study curriculum for youth and adults that uses multiple forms of media — video, music, text, images — to help groups explore faith and the scriptures.

Everything is online. Each week we post a new session that includes a Bible background video and a set of "Session Pages" from which you can choose an approach for leading the group. The session pages come in 5 flavors:

Mental — for groups that enjoy discussion.

Media — for groups that enjoy using movie clips, music and other media to help launch discussion.

Mystic — for groups that prefer a contemplative approach.

Create — for groups that enjoy writing and drawing as a way of engaging the text.

Youth — offers movie clips, music and other media along with discussion prompts designed for teens.

Our sessions are selected from the Lectionary text each week, and are written very close to the date of use.

Faithelement is a service of Faithlab. Help support Faithelement by talking to Faithlab about a range of creative and spiritual services, including: retreats, books, website development, photography and more. Learn more about Faithlab.

We hope you enjoy Faithelement.


Partnership Announced

We are pleased to announce that FaithElement has partnered with the new Nurturing Faith curriculum. Both curriculums share similar values about honesty in Bible study, appreciation for biblical scholarship, and a willingness to ask hard questions and deal with real issues.

As part of the partnership, Nurturing Faith and FaithElement will link to one another's sessions each week. Because we follow the same Lectionary texts, the resources are very complimentary.

Nurturing Faith provides resources for both adults and youth, and features a video each week by Tony Cartledge. On their website you will also find adult teaching and youth teaching plans.

Best of all, if you would like printed Bible backgorund materials, they can be ordered by clicking on "core lessons" on the Nurturing Faith website.

We hope you enjoy our partnership and the additional resources provided through it!

Visit Nurturing Faith and check it out.


FaithElement News

We've been busy working on improving FaithElement for you. Here's some of what's new:

Download Bible Background Videos

We've posted a "how-to" blog post with steps for downloading the weekly Bible Background Video to your hard disk. It's really easy!


For sessions posted since May 22, 2011, there is a new sidebar menu (left sidebar) that displays "More Sessions." Check it out!

We are still in the process of transferring archived sessions from the old site to this new one (hackers attacked the old site and have made the task more difficult). Stay tuned for more on this process.

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Welcome to the new home for FaithElement!

The new site offers several advantages over the old site, including a cleaner, faster loading design and mobile-friendly videos. We look forward to rolling out additional features in the days ahead.

FaithElement is also working to post sessions further in advance, so you have more time to prepare for your group's time together.

We are also working on partnerships that will provide even more lectionary-based resources for you and your group.

Thanks for using FaithElement!