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Peter's Faith

Session 3.32 for August 7, 2011

Peter may have lost his footing and become distracted by the storm around him, but Jesus remained present and did not let Peter fall. Has your faith ever been tested like this? Have you ever found yourself taking a leap or step of faith, hoping Jesus was present and ready to extend his hand to rescue you?


Bible Background Video

featuring Nikki Hardeman

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Scripture: Matthew 14:22-33


Session Pages

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These videos or songs are referenced in the session pages:


Dive Into Narnia — Chronicles of Narnia
Homer Quits — Lilies of the Field
“Learning to Fly” — Tom Petty
“Fly” — Daniel Bailey, from “Simple Things”


Jesus Walks on Water
Walking across Egypt
Audio Adrenaline – Walk on Water


“The Voice of Truth”


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