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Session 4.04 for January 22, 2012

In this passage, Jesus calls Simon, Andrew, James, and John to be his disciples. Jesus calls them to “repent and believe” they leave everything behind to follow Jesus. These men turned away from their current lives and turned toward Jesus. The words that Jesus use here “repent” and “believe” were written in the Greek texts in a way that showed that repentance and believe were ongoing and daily commands. Simon, Andrew, James, and John left their current lives to begin an ongoing and daily commitment to Jesus. Jesus also asks us to repent and believe. Being a Christian is not just a one-time commitment but daily discipleship. When we repent we do a 180 and turn from something in our lives to Christ. We keep on doing this day after day. Repenting, believing, and turning toward Christ


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Scripture: Mark 1:14-20


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“Wild Wild Ride” - Jacob’s Trouble
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“What if I Stumble” - DC Talk
“I Just Wanna Know” - Steve Taylor


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