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Boundaries and Borders

Session 4.07 for February 12, 2012

 In 2 Kings 5:1-15, we hear about a man named Naaman whom God healed from leprosy. Jesus mentions this story in Luke 4:27 to make a point to the people. Naaman was not an Israelite, yet God still healed him. Jesus was telling the people in Luke that, just like in Naaman’s story, God is not relegated to one group of people. Rather, God is for everyone. In today’s world, we don’t hear a lot about “leprosy”, but, like Naaman, we all suffer from things that make us feel less than whole. Like Jesus reminded the people in Luke, God is available for ALL people, not just the ones that are part of our groups. That was hard for Jesus’ audience to hear, and it’s hard for us today. We often say we are open to all, but how are we practicing that in our daily lives? What are we doing to break down the borders between “us” and “them”?


Bible Background Video

featuring Nikki Hardeman

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FaithElement Bible Background 4.07 from FaithElement | FaithLab on Vimeo.


Scripture: 2 Kings 5:1-15


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These videos or songs are referenced in the session pages:


“Alms for An Ex-Leper” – Monty Python’s Life of Brian
“Hide the Beer, The Pastor’s Here” – Swirling Eddies
“One” – U2 (Live in Chicago, with pictures)
“Angels Tuck You In” – Daniel Amos



Diary of a Wimpy Kid



National Geographic – People and Cultures Photography
Nicole Nordeman’s “Wide Eyed”
Nicole Nordeman’s “Please Come”

Nurturing Faith



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