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The Rest of The Story

Session 4.15 for April 8, 2012

In Mark 16:1-8, we read about these three women who went to attend to Jesus’s body after his crucifixion.  Mark 16:8 ends with these women fleeing from the tomb in terror and amazement.  If we were faced with the same circumstances as these women, we would likely react in a similar fashion.  For the women and for us, it is an incredible and terrifying display of God’s power to see an angel or realize that a person has come back to life after dying. On Easter day, we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection.  Yet, we are so used to telling the story that it has become banal instead of amazing or terrifying.  We want to reach into the story and tell the frightened women, “wake up!  This isn’t scary – it’s great.  Jesus is alive!”  Yet, we are the ones who need to wake up to God’s majesty and power.   

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Scripture: Mark 16:1-8


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“Someday” by Nichole Nordeman
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Nurturing Faith


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