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How the Mighty Have Fallen

Session 4.27 for July 1, 2011

In the past few weeks, we have learned about Saul’s fall from God’s favor, David’s anointing as future king, and the complicated relationships between David, Saul, and Jonathan. In today’s text we see David’s genuine grief over Saul’s death despite their tumultuous relationship. For David and for us today, grieving is not a singular emotion but a process that is full of strong and sometimes conflicting emotions. Grief does not follow a prescribed set of steps nor it is the same for all people or all situations. Today’s scripture teaches us that it is okay and important to grieve. We often talk about grief in relation to death, but we may also grieve loss of relationships, changing circumstances, and past experiences. Sometimes our feelings are even bittersweet. Like David, the next step may even bring us closer to God’s plan for our lives, but that doesn’t make the loss any easier.


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Scripture: 2 Samuel 1:1-27


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