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Power In the Story

Session 4.17 for April 22, 2012

In Acts 3 we read a story about Peter and John healing a man in the temple. Jesus’ power allowed the lame man to stand up and walk. That is certainly worth talking about! Peter is bold enough to begin preaching about Jesus to the crowds in the temple who had recently supported Jesus’ crucifixion. In our world today, we may not notice many miracles. Likewise, don’t exactly proclaim Christ from the rooftops. In the afterglow of our Easter Sundays, we may have overlooked the most poignant part of the Easter story. Christ was not crucified and resurrected just so we could be awed. Christ’s death and resurrection is meant to transform us!



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Scripture: Acts 3


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“Forgiven” – Sanctus Real
“Great is The Lord” – Michael W. Smith
“The Call” – Ken Medema
“God’s Own Fool” – Michael Card



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