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Compelled To Tell

Session 4.18 for April 29, 2012

Our Scripture for today, Acts 4:1-12, begins with Peter and John being arrested for preaching about Jesus. When questioned by officials, Peter stands his ground and once again proclaims the power of Christ. In this story, Peter gives testimony to what he has seen, heard, and experienced. This testimony comes at a price; yet Peter understands that this story must be shared no matter the cost. The price that we would pay for being so bold would be much less – maybe some embarrassment, some argumentative comments – but in our situations, most of us would not be arrested or harmed for preaching the power of Christ. Yet, we are still reluctant to tell the story that we say is the most important story of all.


Bible Background Video

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FaithElement Bible Background 4.18 from FaithElement | FaithLab on Vimeo.



Scripture: Acts 4:1-12


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These videos or songs are referenced in the session pages:


“I Had A Bad Experience With The CIA.” – The Swirling Eddies
“Big House” – The Swirling Eddies
“Strange Days” - The Swirling Eddies
“Hold Back the Wind, Donna” – The Swirling Eddies


Spoken Word


 “The Greatest Story” by Avalon

Nurturing Faith


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